HR Automation

Automation empowers HR teams to achieve more with fewer resources by automating the heavy lifting.

Example: Employee onboarding using Microsoft 365


There are many parts of the onboarding process which requires cross-functional coordination (e.g. IT, HR, and Finance). Businesses can waste a significant amount of time if there are bottlenecks in the onboarding process including activities such as:

  • Email, HRIS and payroll setup
  • New laptop and software request
  • Welcome email
  • Employee handbook
  • Run through policies and training
  • Office building access


Fliweel has helped clients with automating their employee onboarding processes using Microsoft Power Apps to  reduce friction experienced by a new hire being onboarded. 


The streamlined workflows can notify various teams (e.g. Finance, IT and HR) add database employee records and request manager approvals to bring on new hires in a significantly shorter time.

1. New Starter Form

Collect employee details (e.g. name, department, location, email address, payee information)

2. HR Manager Approval

Sent to a HR manager before new hire processes are executed.

3. Setup Configuration

Create HRIS record, payroll and laptop and software requests 

4. Welcome Email/SMS

Welcome email sent and text message to new employee with temporary password set up

Other HR automation examples