IT Automation

Automation empowers IT teams and increases employee satisfaction by automating and managing IT back office tasks.

Example: IT support ticketing using Microsoft 365


There are many IT support requests that come through the organisation by its employees which can jeopoardise the business productivity if they issues are not resolved quickly and efficiently. Some common examples include:

  • Logging into system
  • Printing
  • Access
  • Software install
  • Change request


Fliweel has helped clients with automating its IT support process using Microsoft Forms, SharePoint and auto-assignments to the correct technical team based on the type of the issues.


The streamlined IT ticketing system allows employees to easily input issues, while  managing and reducing SLA time so that the overall business productivity is retained. 

1. Log IT ticket

Collect information about the technical issue (e.g. application, priority, description)


2. Log into ticketing system

Store information into a central IT ticketing SharePoint system keep on track with demand and resourcing. 


3. Auto-assign to person or team 

Based on the issue (e.g. application or hardware type), the ticket is routed to the right staff member/team to solve quickly and efficiently

4. Feedback

Automatically send a feedback form to employees to collect information on the IT experience.


Other IT automation examples