Marketing Automation

Automation empowers marketing teams to achieve more with fewer resources by automating operational tasks.


Finding leads to entice prospects into purchasing products/services can take long periods of time in website browsing, scraping and storing the right data in a structured way, ready for lead nurturing. Some companies may purchase data while others organisations may rely on Google search to find their target customers.


Fliweel can develop sophisticated bots which can accurately scrape or monitor websites information and collect the data into a central database. A bot can target a predefined sector or speciality on a search engine’s map and capture the lead data (e.g. company name, location, email address, contact name, website) ready for marketing outreach.


Save hours of repetitive and mundane tasks as well as avoiding human error prone data accuracy issues. It’s scalability makes the task repeatable for other lead nurturing or website scraping activities.

1. Lead input form


Capture prospect information (e.g. name, title, phone, sales stage) and set follow up alerts (e.g. set the date or time)

2. Log into CRM

Create a bot which collects the information in a database or Microsoft SharePoint

3. Send emails to prospect

Automatically send emails automatically to the target customer

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