Our Process

How we help clients begin their automation journey.

Automate your business with Fliweel

Sales Automation

  • Automatically schedule appointments
  • Templates that use prepopulated fields to customise proposals
  • Automating the signatory process to reach a deal more easily and quickly
  • Automatic tracking of contracts in a sales pipeline

Finance & Accounting Automation

  • Generate and send invoices immediately upon the order or delivery of the goods or services
  • Ensures accurate and timely billing to decrease processing time
  • Track money owed and how long it will take for a payment to reach the company
  • Extract information from PDF invoices for accounts payable

Human Resources Automation

  • Job posting and employee onboarding
  • Manage vacation and time-off requests to maintain staffing levels
  • Streamline project tasks and milestones to keep everyone in the loop
  • Automatically assign tasks based on employee strengths

Marketing Automation

  • Connect with leads and prospects to get them interested in a product or service
  • Contact new customers and subscribers to increase retention
  • Send birthday and anniversary emails that include a special offer
  • Ensure your company's social media marketing is consistent across all platforms

Customer Service Automation

  • A self-service chatbot responds to repetitive customer enquiries
  • Propose appointment scheduling for customers without the need of an admin resource
  • Have customers upload documentation and create tickets to log product issues
  • Provide customers with order status information

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