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The core values behind our work


At Fliweel.tech our mission is to empower businesses by integrating advanced AI and automation technologies, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. We are committed to identifying and solving operational bottlenecks, delivering tailored, innovative solutions that drive growth and operational excellence.

Striving to be the best

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Delivering Measurable Results

Fliweel.tech established in 2022 by Founder & CEO Andy Paul, brings to the table over 12 years of extensive experience in data science, consulting, and product management. Andy’s career spans major global cities like London and San Francisco, where he has tackled complex challenges in data analytics and technology for Fortune 500 companies and rapidly expanding startups.

Our streamlined process is designed to enhance business operations swiftly and effectively, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of AI and automation.

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How we work with clients

1. Initial Consultation

We enter businesses and identify operational bottlenecks at no cost to the client.


3. Custom Solutions

We propose tailor-made automated solutions, clearly outlining the potential cost savings and return on investment (ROI).

4. Implementation and Maintenance

We commit to implementing the solution within 3 to 8 weeks, followed by comprehensive maintenance to ensure ongoing efficiency.

Transform your organisation with AI and automation

Reach out today to unleash the full potential of AI and automation in your organisation.

See what our clients are saying

Reduced invoicing costs by 30%

Invoice processing carried many challenges, including the disparate formats in which vendors submit the invoices: paper copy, email, fax, PDF, MS Word Doc, etc. This forced our finance analysts to manually transfer the data from various sources into the our main financial database system, therefore making it a time consuming and error-prone task. Fliweel set up a process to automatically process invoices upon receipt, whether they arrive electronically or in paper formats (using OCR). The software can automate the data input, error reconciliation, and process certain decision-making required throughout the invoice processing, minimising the need for an employee. The overall process is now performed end-to-end from receipt to payment in minutes instead of almost an hour.

John Oliver
Manufacturing Company
Call centre request volume down by 20%

Many of our customer requests were handled by a call centre. Often, common customer queries and solutions would be provided to agents via a dashboard. Fliweel was able to implement an advanced chatbot to consolidate all common support responses into a workflow to handle repetitive support enquiries. If the chatbot solution was not adequate for the customer, information about a customer on a single screen would be sent to the next agent to handle more complex requests. This reduced volumes by a fifth as well as average handling time by 30%.

Thomas Guiles
Online Retailer

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