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Streamline Operations with RPA Consulting Services

Ready to automate repetitive tasks? Our RPA consulting services help you harness the power of robotic process automation, integrating intelligence for results beyond simple rule-based operations.

Artificial Intelligence & RPA
Integration Services

Transform your automation with our AI + RPA expertise. We’ll develop custom AI/ML models, integrate legacy systems, and provide data-driven insights for optimal performance.

RPA Use Cases

Discover how robotic process automation can transform your business operations.


Campaign Management: Automate the deployment of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring consistency and timely execution.
Lead Data Integration: Use RPA to seamlessly integrate lead data from various sources into CRM systems, ensuring that all lead information is centrally and accurately captured.
Performance Reporting: Automatically generate marketing performance reports by aggregating data from various marketing platforms, saving time and providing real-time insights.


Quote Generation: Automate the creation of sales quotes based on predefined rules and templates, speeding up the sales process and reducing manual errors.
Sales Order Processing: Use RPA to automatically enter, process, and track sales orders in ERP systems, improving order accuracy and operational efficiency.
Customer Data Management: Automate the updating and maintenance of customer records in sales databases to ensure accuracy and consistency of data.

Customer Service

Ticket Management: Automate the routing and escalation of customer support tickets based on predefined rules, improving response times and service quality.
Customer Notification: Use RPA to send automated notifications to customers about their case status, updates, or any promotional offers, enhancing communication and engagement.
Survey Distribution: Automatically distribute and collect feedback surveys post-service interaction, and compile results for analysis.

Human Resources

Recruitment & Onboarding: Automate the entire recruitment and onboarding process, from document submission to account setups, ensuring a smooth start for new hires.
Payroll Processing: Use RPA to handle repetitive tasks in payroll processing, such as data entry, calculations, and report generation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
Time and Attendance Management: Automate the tracking and reporting of employee time and attendance to simplify payroll and compliance with labor laws.


Inventory Management: Automate inventory reporting and updating tasks, providing real-time visibility and control over stock levels.
Procurement Processing: Use RPA to automate the procurement process from vendor selection, purchase order creation, to invoice processing and payment.
Equipment Maintenance Scheduling: Automate the scheduling of regular maintenance and checks for operational equipment, ensuring optimal operation and reducing downtime.


Accounts Receivable: Automate the invoicing, follow-up, and receipt processing in accounts receivable to enhance cash flow and reduce delinquency rates.
Expense Management: Use RPA to automate the submission, approval, and reimbursement of employee expense claims, reducing processing time and improving accuracy.
Financial Reconciliation: Automate monthly financial close processes and reconciliation activities, ensuring faster and more accurate financial reporting.


Compliance Reporting: Use RPA to automatically generate compliance reports based on regulatory requirements, ensuring adherence to legal standards.
Document Management: Automate the sorting, filing, and retrieval of legal documents, improving efficiency and reducing manual workload.
Legal Billing: Automate time tracking and billing processes in legal departments or firms, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing.

Automate workflows with your apps

Use RPA to automate data in your applications to streamline business processes, reduce human error and increase productivity.

Our Clients

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Learn how businesses are deploying RPA technology to streamline manual repetitive tasks, reduce human error and empowering staff to focus on higher value tasks.


"Before working with Fliweel.tech, our client onboarding process was cumbersome, fraught with data risks, and lacked efficient staff accountability, often leading to missed client calls. Fliweel.tech transformed our approach by implementing Power Automate workflows that integrated Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and Word. This automation streamlined the entire process—data is now collected automatically, staff are promptly notified, quotes and engagement letters are generated, and calendar invitations are set up without manual intervention. This has not only enhanced our efficiency but also significantly mitigated data risks and improved our client service."

Vinesh Camiah
Excel Accountants

"Managing our annual writing competition with over 3,000 global entrants used to be a logistical nightmare, heavily reliant on manual payment reconciliations and one technical staff member. Fliweel.tech revolutionised our operations by automating the entire data collection and payment process. Their solution seamlessly integrates our website's submission system with upgraded payment gateways, eliminating the need for manual financial reconciliations. Additionally, their no-code web front-end update has democratised our website management, reducing our dependency on specialised technical staff and allowing for quick, easy updates. The impact on our efficiency and staff workload has been transformative." ,

Paul Moss
The Bedford Competition

"Partnering with Fliweel.tech has transformed our eCommerce operations at VSB London, a leading luxury accessories brand in Harrods and Selfridges. Their automated workflows improved our inventory management, customer notifications, and order fulfilment, leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction and 30% faster order processing. This has significantly boosted our sales and enhanced our brand reputation. Fliweel.tech's expertise in automating complex eCommerce tasks has set a new standard of excellence for our business." - , 

Sanjeev Lal
VSB London

RPA Case study

Excel Accountants faced challenges with their manual and error-prone client onboarding process, which included missed calls and data inconsistencies. Fliweel.tech intervened by implementing Microsoft Power Automate, integrating tools like Forms, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and Word to automate the entire onboarding sequence. This transformation reduced manual data entry errors, cut onboarding time by over 50%, and increased staff accountability, significantly improving client satisfaction. The streamlined operations not only enhanced the firm’s efficiency and data security but also bolstered their reputation in the competitive financial services market, positioning them for scalable growth.

Learn how RPA can help your organisation steamline manual processes and increase productivity.