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Tailored Integration Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs

Seamlessly connect, analyse, and drive innovation with our customised system integration solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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Connect, Analyse, and Innovate with Our Tailored System Integration Solutions

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Enhance your operations with our advanced systems integration services. We expertly combine state-of-the-art technologies with customised solutions to optimise your business processes.


CRM and Sales Platform: Integrate CRM software with sales platforms to automatically update customer interactions, track sales progress, and synchronize lead data across systems.
E-commerce and Inventory Management: Connect e-commerce platforms with inventory management systems to ensure stock levels are automatically updated with every sale, reducing the risk of overselling.
Sales Data and Financial Reporting: Automate the flow of sales data into financial reporting tools to enhance real-time revenue tracking and reduce manual reconciliation efforts.


Marketing Automation and CRM: Sync marketing automation tools with CRM systems to streamline lead nurturing processes and improve lead qualification based on interaction data.
Social Media and Content Management System (CMS): Integrate social media platforms with a CMS to enable direct posting and content updates from one platform, enhancing content reach and engagement tracking.
Customer Data Platform and Advertising Network: Connect customer data platforms with digital advertising networks to enable targeted ad campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.

Customer Service

Help Desk and CRM: Integrate help desk software with CRM systems to provide customer service representatives with complete customer history and previous interactions, enhancing service quality.
Chatbot and Knowledge Base: Connect AI-driven chatbots with knowledge bases to deliver accurate, automated customer support and reduce the workload on human agents.
Ticketing System and Email Platform: Automate the creation and management of support tickets from emails to ensure all customer queries are tracked and managed efficiently.

Human Resources

HRMS and Payroll System: Integrate human resources management systems with payroll software to streamline employee data management, salary processing, and compliance reporting.
Applicant Tracking System and HRMS: Connect applicant tracking systems with HR management software to automate the flow of candidate data into employee records upon hiring.
Employee Self-Service Portal and Benefits Providers: Enable direct integration between employee self-service portals and benefits providers to facilitate easy management of employee benefits, claims, and updates.


ERP and Banking: Connect enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with banking software to automate financial transactions, reconciliation, and cash flow management.
Financial Planning Tools and Market Data Feeds: Integrate financial planning applications with real-time market data feeds to enhance financial analysis and investment decision-making.
Invoice Management and Payment Gateway: Link invoicing software with payment gateways to automate billing processes and improve cash collection cycles.

General Management

Business Intelligence and ERP: Integrate Business Intelligence (BI) tools with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to provide executives with real-time insights into operations, finance, and sales data, enhancing strategic decision-making.
Project Management and Time Tracking: Connect project management software with time tracking tools to synchronise project timelines, resource allocation, and productivity metrics, enabling more effective project oversight and workforce management.
Corporate Governance and Compliance Software: Automate the flow of information between corporate governance systems and compliance management tools to ensure all regulatory requirements are met efficiently and without error, strengthening corporate governance practices.

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Seamlessly Connect Your Systems to Enhance Workflow and Drive Business Growth

Our Clients

Make business decisions faster with integrated systems


"We struggled with isolated data silos that impacted our ability to make fast, informed decisions. Fliweel.tech integrated our POS, inventory, and e-commerce systems, enabling real-time data synchronization across the platforms. The result was a 40% improvement in inventory turnover and faster response times to market demands, significantly boosting our operational efficiency."

Beacon Retail Solutions

"Before Fliweel.tech, our patient records and appointment scheduling systems operated independently, causing frequent miscommunications and scheduling errors. Fliweel.tech seamlessly integrated these systems, which enhanced our operational workflow and patient management. This integration reduced appointment errors by over 50% and greatly improved patient satisfaction through smoother interactions."

MedCare Clinics

"Our project management suffered from delays due to manual data entry from various construction sites. Fliweel.tech developed a custom integration solution connecting our onsite sensors and project management software, automating data flow and updates. This led to a 30% reduction in project delays and a significant increase in our ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, keeping our timelines and budgets on track."

HighRise Construction

Case study

Vry Ltd, a bookkeeping service for Subway franchisees, struggled with time-consuming and error-prone manual data extraction from Subway’s central finance system to Xero. Fliweel.tech developed a lightweight reporting platform that automates the extraction, transformation, and reconciliation of financial data, directly integrating it into Xero. This automation saved Vry Ltd over 10 hours per month on manual tasks, significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting. The solution streamlined operations, allowing Vry Ltd to focus on more strategic financial management tasks.

Discover how systems integration can enhance your operations with our advanced systems integration services.