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Transform Your Business with Bespoke AI/ML Solutions

Partner with us to make the most of AI and ML technology in your business. We offer bespoke AI solutions, including generative AI, to streamline your back-office tasks. Our services simplify complex processes, enhance efficiency, and open doors to innovation for your business.

A Variety Of Services To Choose From

We empower businesses across industries with comprehensive AI/ML solutions. Expect exceptional quality and a collaborative partnership that delivers the results you seek.
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Generative AI

We excel in developing advanced AI solutions, from generative AI to robust computer vision systems seamlessly integrated with leading models like GPT-4 and Easy OCR. Harness the power of these tools to streamline content generation, ensuring both efficiency and reliability.

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Large Language Model (LLM)

Transform your data analysis and content generation with our LLM (Large Language Model) services, featuring integration capabilities with sophisticated platforms. Our LLM technology delivers deep insights and creates rich, nuanced content, driving informed decision-making and enhancing your digital presence.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Partner with our experts to develop a custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution tailored to your enterprise needs. We leverage the latest advancements in NLP, including models like BERT, Transformer, Llama, RNN, and LSTM, to deliver a solution that drives your business forward.

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Chatbot Development

Elevate your customer interactions with our intelligent chatbot services, integrating seamlessly tools like ChatGPT, Gemini and Microsoft Copilot. These advanced virtual assistants can handle inquiries, improve engagement, and streamline service operations, freeing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

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Predictive Analysis

Partner with our AI/ML experts to enhance your customer insight with predictive analytics. We'll help you accurately forecast trends, predict customer value, and identify target groups using proven techniques like logistic regression, time series analysis, decision trees, and clustering.

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Computer Vision & OCR

Our developers specialize in computer vision and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions, empowering your business to automate document recognition and data extraction. We'll seamlessly convert printed text into digital formats, saving you time and resources.

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Intelligent Automation

Unlock efficiency with our intelligent automation solutions, where RPA meets AI at the crossroads of innovation. These systems not only automate routine tasks but also adapt and improve processes over time, propelling your business towards a future of streamlined operations and strategic excellence.

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ML Model Development

Leverage our machine learning expertise to transform unstructured data into actionable competitive intelligence. We'll train large language models (like BERT) on your unique dataset and streamline deployment with Hugging Face. This ensures maximum output precision and robust data security.

AI/ML Use Cases

Elevate your enterprise with our integrated AI/ML capabilities. We’ll expertly merge cutting-edge technologies with tailored services to deliver transformative solutions.


Customer Segmentation: Use ML to analyse customer data and segment them based on purchasing behaviour, allowing for more targeted marketing campaigns.
Predictive Analytics: Employ AI to forecast future trends and consumer behaviours based on historical data, enhancing marketing strategies and resource allocation.
Content Generation: Utilise generative AI to automatically create engaging content such as blog posts, social media updates, and promotional emails tailored to different audience segments.


Lead Scoring: Implement ML algorithms to score leads based on their likelihood to convert, helping sales teams prioritise their efforts on the most promising prospects.
Price Optimisation: Use AI to dynamically adjust prices based on market demand, competition, and customer buying patterns to maximise revenue.
Sales Forecasting: Employ ML to predict future sales volumes, assisting in inventory management and financial planning.

Customer Service

Chatbots: Deploy AI-powered chatbots to handle routine customer enquiries, providing quick responses around the clock and reducing the workload on human agents.
Sentiment Analysis: Use ML to analyse customer feedback and social media comments to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
Automated Ticketing: Implement AI to automatically categorise and route support tickets to the appropriate department, speeding up response times and improving service quality.

Human Resources

Resume Screening: Utilise AI to automatically scan and shortlist resumes, helping HR teams efficiently identify suitable candidates.
Employee Onboarding: Use ML algorithms to personalise the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring they receive relevant information and training tailored to their specific roles.
Turnover Prediction: Employ ML to predict which employees are at risk of leaving the company, allowing proactive engagement and retention strategies.


Demand Forecasting: Implement AI to predict product demand, aiding in better inventory management and reducing stockouts or overstock situations.
Supply Chain Optimisation: Use ML for route optimisation and predictive maintenance of equipment, minimising delays and reducing operational costs.
Quality Control: Deploy ML models to inspect and ensure product quality in manufacturing, automatically detecting defects and reducing human error.


Fraud Detection: Use AI to monitor transactions in real-time and detect unusual patterns that may indicate fraud, enhancing security and customer trust.
Risk Assessment: Implement ML to assess credit risk more accurately by analysing a broader range of data points, leading to better lending decisions.
Automated Trading: Employ AI algorithms for high-frequency trading that can execute orders based on market data analysis faster than human traders. These use cases demonstrate how AI, ML, and generative AI can enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive innovation across various business subfunctions.


Contract Analysis: Employ AI to automatically review and analyse contracts, identifying key clauses and potential risks, which speeds up legal reviews and reduces the workload for legal teams.
Compliance Monitoring: Use ML algorithms to continuously monitor and ensure compliance with regulations, automatically updating systems in response to new legislation, thus minimising risk and enhancing governance.
Document Automation: Utilise generative AI to draft standard legal documents such as NDAs and employment contracts, ensuring accuracy and consistency while freeing up legal professionals to focus on more complex tasks.

Integrate the right AI tools responsibly

We ensure that our AI tools enhance efficiency while adhering to ethical standards and compliance, allowing you to safely leverage cutting-edge technology for impactful business results.

Our Clients

Download Our Free White Paper on AI Use Cases

Gain valuable insights into how AI can transform your business with our comprehensive white paper on practical AI use cases.


"By deploying Fliweel.tech's AI-driven document processing system, we've cut down our document handling time by 60%. This has significantly boosted our administrative efficiency and reduced errors in our back-office operations."

James Gramley
Large Accountancy Firm

"With Fliweel.tech's inventory management solution, we've reduced overstock by 45% and understock by 30%. Their machine learning model perfectly predicts our inventory needs, saving costs and improving logistics."

Joe Chambers
Retail Logistics Company

"The implementation of generative AI for our email marketing campaigns has doubled our engagement rates. The AI crafts personalised content that resonates well with our audience, enhancing our campaign effectiveness."

Holly Fayes
Marketing Agency

Case Study

Ocushield, a large online retailer, faced significant inefficiencies with manual processing of purchase orders from PDFs, leading to excessive time consumption and potential for error. To streamline this process, Fliweel.tech introduced Flidocs, an AI-powered document processing solution specifically trained to handle Ocushield’s needs. The ML model was developed to automatically extract key data from PDFs and integrate this information directly into Google Sheets for review, before sending it to QuickBooks for invoice creation.

The implementation involved collecting data to train the model, ensuring accurate data recognition and extraction, and integrating seamlessly with Ocushield’s existing systems. The result was a 30% reduction in processing time, significantly improving accuracy and efficiency in order handling. This automation not only sped up invoice creation but also freed up staff to focus on more strategic tasks, enhancing productivity across the business.

By deploying Flidocs, Ocushield not only streamlined their operations but also positioned themselves for better scalability and customer service, demonstrating the impactful benefits of AI in optimising traditional business processes.

Partner with Fliweel's top AI consultants to unlock the full potential of cutting-edge AI/ML solutions for your business.