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Empowering the Education sector with AI and automation

Harness the power of value-driven AI using generative and predictive AI to propel your educational institution towards lasting success.

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Revolutionising Education with AI and Automation

Enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency with tailored tech solutions.

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AI/Gen AI/Machine Learning

Employ predictive analytics for back-office activities and school grade prediction, enhancing grade and learning outcomes.

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Automate order processing and payment reconciliation, reducing manual errors and speeding up checkout processes.

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Systems Integration

Integrate school MIS and supplier systems for real-time data accuracy and improved data retrieval and reporting.

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Deploy AI-driven chatbots for customer service to handle inquiries, retrieve data, and provide summarised analyses and reports.

Use Cases in Education

Elevate your enterprise with our integrated AI and automation capabilities. We’ll expertly merge cutting-edge technologies with tailored services to deliver transformative solutions.

Predictive Analytics for Student Success

What It Is: AI tools that predict student performance and identify those at risk of failing.

Problem It Solves: Early identification of struggling students can be challenging without data-driven insights.

How It Would Be Applied: Analysing student data to predict outcomes and proactively offer support or interventions.

Business Impact: Increases retention and graduation rates, enhances student support services, and improves overall educational outcomes.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

What It Is: AI-driven virtual tutors that provide personalised assistance to students.

Problem It Solves: Students often need additional help outside of regular class hours.

How It Would Be Applied: Using AI to offer real-time tutoring and feedback on specific subjects or topics.

Business Impact: Improves student comprehension and performance, provides continuous learning support, and reduces the burden on teachers.


Administrative Task Automation

What It Is: AI and automation tools (e.g. Power Automate, Zapier or Make.com) that automate routine administrative tasks such as scheduling, email responses, and data entry.

Problem It Solves: Manual administrative tasks are time-consuming and prone to errors.

How It Would Be Applied: Implementing AI-powered software to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up staff for more strategic work.

Business Impact: Increases efficiency, reduces errors, and allows administrative staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Human Resources Management

What It Is: Systems for managing HR processes like recruitment, onboarding, and performance evaluations.

Problem It Solves: HR processes can be lengthy and resource-intensive.

How It Would Be Applied: Using AI to screen resumes, schedule interviews, and monitor employee performance.

Business Impact: Streamlines HR processes, improves candidate selection, and enhances employee management and satisfaction.

Our automated hiring platform Fliweel ATS streamlines the entire hiring process.

Procurement Management

What It Is: Streamline procurement processes and vendor management with AI and automation.

Problem It Solves: Traditional procurement processes can be slow and lack transparency.

How It Would Be Applied: Using AI to automate approvals, purchase orders, track deliveries, and manage vendors.

Business Impact: Increases procurement efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures timely delivery of goods and services.

Data Analytics and Reporting

What It Is: Analyse data and generate reports for decision-making across functions using automated reporting.

Problem It Solves: Manual data analysis can be slow and may lack actionable insights.

How It Would Be Applied: Using systems integration and AI tools to process large datasets, identify trends, and produce detailed reports.

Business Impact: Enhances data-driven decision-making, improves reporting accuracy, and provides valuable insights for strategic planning.

IT Support and Management

What It Is: AI-driven IT support systems that handle common technical issues and system maintenance.

Problem It Solves: IT support can be overwhelmed with routine issues, delaying resolution times.

How It Would Be Applied: Using AI chatbots and automation tools to address common IT problems and manage system updates.

Business Impact: Improves IT support efficiency, reduces downtime, and enhances the overall performance of IT systems.

Case Study


Chiltern School, a well-regarded educational institution, faced significant challenges with its procurement processes. The manual processing of daily purchases, particularly from key suppliers like Amazon, was cumbersome and inefficient. The order approval process was managed entirely through email, requiring managerial approval before forwarding to the finance team for placement. This method was prone to missed orders, unmonitored approvals, and frequent data entry errors, leading to delays and operational inefficiencies.


The primary challenges Chiltern School faced included:

  • Inefficiency in Order Approvals: Manual email-based processes made tracking and approving orders cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • High Risk of Errors: Frequent data entry mistakes due to manual handling affected the accuracy of orders.
  • Lack of Central Oversight: There was no central system to track and monitor order approvals, leading to miscommunication and missed procurement opportunities.


Fliweel.tech was approached to create an automated solution that streamlined the entire order process from approval to placement. Our solution included:

  • Form Automations: To standardise order requests and capture necessary details accurately.
  • Approval Email Notifications: To ensure timely approvals and enhance communication between departments.
  • Centrally Managed Approval System: To track and monitor order approvals in real time, ensuring accountability and transparency.
  • API Development: Integrated with Amazon Business, this allowed for one-click order placement by the finance team immediately after approvals, and automatic invoice information capture.


The implementation involved a strategic rollout of the automated system, starting with a pilot phase to refine the form automations and ensure seamless integration with existing processes. Training sessions were conducted to familiarise staff with the new system. The API integration with Amazon Business was meticulously tested to ensure reliability and security in order processing.


The deployment of Fliweel.tech’s automated approval process transformed procurement at Chiltern School:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The central tracking system and automated notifications reduced the time taken for order approvals.
  • Reduced Errors: Standardised form entries and automated data capture significantly decreased data entry errors.
  • Time Savings: The school saved approximately 5-10 hours per week previously spent on manual ordering processes.
  • Operational Transparency: With the centrally managed approval system, the school gained better oversight and control over its procurement activities.


The automation of Chiltern School’s procurement processes by Fliweel.tech not only streamlined operations but also brought about substantial time savings and error reduction. This case study exemplifies how tailored automation solutions can effectively address specific operational challenges in the education sector, leading to enhanced efficiency and administrative control.

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