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Chatbot Services

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Customer Service

Instant Customer Support: Chatbots provide 24/7 support, answering FAQs and resolving common issues without human intervention.
Issue Routing: Copilots help identify and route complex customer issues to the appropriate human agents, optimizing response times and service quality.
Feedback Collection: Automated interactions collect customer feedback efficiently, providing valuable insights for service improvements.


Lead Qualification: Chatbots engage with potential customers, gather information, and score leads based on predefined criteria to support the sales team.
Product Recommendations: Copilots analyze customer interactions and past purchases to suggest relevant products, enhancing upselling and cross-selling.
Automated Booking and Reservations: Chatbots handle bookings and reservations directly through conversational interfaces, streamlining the sales process.


Campaign Management: Copilots can automate and manage marketing campaigns, including sending personalized messages and tracking engagement.
Content Distribution: Chatbots distribute marketing content through various channels based on user preferences and interaction history.
Event Reminders and Updates: Automated reminders and updates about upcoming events or promotions keep customers engaged.

Human Resources

Employee Onboarding: Chatbots guide new employees through the onboarding process, providing information and collecting necessary documents.
FAQs Automation: Copilots handle routine employee inquiries about policies, benefits, and procedures, reducing HR workload.
Feedback and Survey Administration: Automate the distribution and collection of employee feedback and surveys for better HR insights.

IT Support

Automated Troubleshooting: Chatbots provide first-level support for common IT issues, such as password resets or software troubleshooting.
Resource Provisioning: Copilots can manage requests for IT resources, facilitating quicker allocation and setup.
Notification and Alerts: Automated systems send critical IT alerts and notifications about system updates or outages.


Invoice Queries: Chatbots handle inquiries related to invoices and payments, providing quick answers to customer and vendor questions.
Expense Reporting: Copilots assist employees in submitting expense reports by guiding them through the process and ensuring completeness.
Financial Advice: Provide basic financial guidance and information on policies or account statuses.


Supply Chain Inquiries: Chatbots offer real-time updates on inventory levels, shipment statuses, and supply chain disruptions.
Process Automation: Copilots optimize operational processes by automating routine tasks and workflows, improving efficiency.
Safety Monitoring and Alerts: Monitor operational parameters for safety and compliance, providing alerts if issues are detected.

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Our Clients

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"Before working with Fliweel.tech, our client onboarding process was cumbersome, fraught with data risks, and lacked efficient staff accountability, often leading to missed client calls. Fliweel.tech transformed our approach by implementing Power Automate workflows that integrated Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and Word. This automation streamlined the entire process—data is now collected automatically, staff are promptly notified, quotes and engagement letters are generated, and calendar invitations are set up without manual intervention. This has not only enhanced our efficiency but also significantly mitigated data risks and improved our client service."

Vinesh Camiah
Excel Accountants

"Managing our annual writing competition with over 3,000 global entrants used to be a logistical nightmare, heavily reliant on manual payment reconciliations and one technical staff member. Fliweel.tech revolutionised our operations by automating the entire data collection and payment process. Their solution seamlessly integrates our website's submission system with upgraded payment gateways, eliminating the need for manual financial reconciliations. Additionally, their no-code web front-end update has democratised our website management, reducing our dependency on specialised technical staff and allowing for quick, easy updates. The impact on our efficiency and staff workload has been transformative." ,

Paul Moss
The Bedford Competition

"Partnering with Fliweel.tech has transformed our eCommerce operations at VSB London, a leading luxury accessories brand in Harrods and Selfridges. Their automated workflows improved our inventory management, customer notifications, and order fulfilment, leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction and 30% faster order processing. This has significantly boosted our sales and enhanced our brand reputation. Fliweel.tech's expertise in automating complex eCommerce tasks has set a new standard of excellence for our business." - , 

Sanjeev Lal
VSB London

Case study

A large accountancy firm faced significant challenges in retrieving and analysing lead and sales data from third-party sources like HubSpot, a process that was both time-consuming and labor-intensive. They deployed Microsoft Copilot, integrating it with HubSpot to automate data retrieval, analysis, and report summarisation—activities that previously took hours are now completed in seconds. This integration significantly streamlined their operations, saving immense time and effort while enhancing accuracy and decision-making efficiency.

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